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There are extensive cracks, cavities, and crevices in my tree trunk… what does that mean?

Why is the Bark of My Tree Cracked?

Trees face many threats that can compromise their health and structural integrity. Among these threats are insects, diseases, windstorms, lightning strikes, fire, and the accumulation of ice or heavy snow on branches. When these adversities strike, they can lead to cracks or cavities that penetrate the protective bark of the tree.

The bark serves as a vital layer for trees, facilitating the dispersion of water and essential nutrients throughout the entire organism. Once this protective barrier is compromised, it can have severe consequences for the tree’s overall health. If more than 25% of the bark is damaged, the tree is likely to suffer irreparable harm, impacting its ability to thrive and survive.

Can a Cracked Tree Trunk be Repaired?

Professional removal becomes a necessary course of action in such cases to mitigate the potential risks associated with a compromised tree. Expert intervention ensures the safety of the surrounding environment and prevents further deterioration of the tree’s health, preserving the ecological balance in the ecosystem. Recognizing and addressing these threats as soon as they appear is crucial to maintaining the resilience and longevity of our valuable tree populations.

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