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Tree Service In Sawhill

by Top Notch Tree Service, Inc.

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Residential Tree Removal Services in Sawhill

Do you have dead trees littering an otherwise attractive yard? Do you have trees that look like they might fall over at any time and damage the surrounding property? Are you just tired of looking at a particular tree in your yard and looking for a change? These are all good reasons to contact Top Notch Tree Service, Inc. for tree work in Sawhill, Spotsylvania, Virginia. Call today to get a free estimate on tree cutting and removal services we can provide you to solve your problems.

Service Area Includes:  Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Sawhill; Zip codes 22407, 22408 and 22553

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Why Hire Top Notch Tree Service, Inc.?

At Top Notch Tree Service, Inc. we understand that some trees are beyond recovery, making removal necessary. We safely remove trees using state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices.

You may also decide to remove a tree because it’s growing into or near power lines, growing within falling distance of your home, or obstructing the view of traffic. We also remove trees that are interfering with the growth or health of trees nearby. From thinning overcrowded trees to making room for a new expansion to your home, sometimes, a tree needs to be cut down to make way for something else.


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First, don’t panic. Of course, immediately check that everyone in your home is safe and that your pets are accounted for.

If you know or suspect the tree damaged power lines, turn off power at your breaker box, evacuate the house, and call 911. Once you’re safe, call your insurance company to start a claim.

When emergency responders have given you the OK to renter your damaged home, take photos to document the damage. Or snap the pictures you can from a safe distance before leaving to find shelter elsewhere.

We consider many factors to determine if your tree is a fall risk. We take note of the whole tree, the ground, the trunk, and the crown. This way, we can decide if your tree is potentially dangerous and a risk to you or your neighbor’s home.

We take many factors into consideration when pricing a tree-cutting service, including location and accessibility, tree height and size, client specifications, the equipment and crew needed, and safety/risk. Our professionals will conduct a thorough assessment and provide you with available options and transparent pricing upfront so you can make an informed decision.

Sudden leaning indicates a potential breakage of the root system, which likely means the tree is a danger. In other situations, we can diagnose why your tree has started leaning and make care recommendations.

Trees can survive damage to their roots to an extent. However, in some cases, the damage may have gone too far. Our arborists will discuss everything with you, and we’ll help you make the most informed decisions for your tree’s health.

Trees can incur damage from insects and diseases, windstorms, lightning strikes, fire, or the accumulation of ice or heavy snow on the branches. When cracks or cavities penetrate the bark, they damage a crucial layer of the tree. This layer allows for water and nutrients to disperse. If more than 25% of the bark is damaged, it will likely need professional removal.

While this could be a situation requiring careful trimming measures, it may also indicate that the tree is unhealthy. Our arborists will inspect the tree to determine if there are crown-density reductions that will keep the tree healthy and avoid the need for removal.

Stump grinding is less intrusive than other techniques for stump removal. During the grinding process, our team will grind a tree stump into wood chips in the ground. These chips may be repurposed as mulch or compost for other plants, or they may be disposed of as yard waste.

It’s a quick, simple way to remove the aboveground portion of the stump and destroys most or all of the root system. If you choose stump grinding for your yard, consult a landscaping professional before rebuilding or replanting on the same site.